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TrigJig RSA180 Fixed LE

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Color: Black Body Red Fence

The RSA180 Fixed LE is a precision rafter square with a built-in spirit level. We set out to create the best metric speed square in the UK! With enhanced features, it is designed to be top in class when it comes to design, build quality, usability and style. 

British-engineered and CNC milled from the highest quality T6 4mm thick aluminium plate for durability and absolute precision. We CNC machine each tool to tight tolerances, with right angle precision of +/- 0.008° along the entire length. 

The RSA Fixed LE is the only high-end Rafter Square that has fully CNC machine engraved hip/valley and protractor scales, so they won't rub off. This increases manufacturing time considerably but it also extends the life of the tool dramatically.

It also features anti-wear recessed rulers to avoid wear over time.

The two-part silver anodised aluminium fence is also CNC machined and is fixed to the tool via stainless steel machine head bolts. This houses a 30mm spirit level, visible from all four sides, and with a sensitivity of 0.5° per 2mm of bubble movement, making it perfect for marking and finding level marks when roofing and timber framing.

There are several features and marking gauges on the face of the tool, including;

  • 176mm rule (plus two mini rulers along the fence edge)
  • CNC deep engraved protractor gauge along the hypotenuse edge
  • Scribe notched every 5mm
  • 1/3rd scribe marks for common timber widths
  • Rafter length per metre of run table
  • Handy birds mouth line

The precision and workmanship from our manufacturing process is unrivalled and next level compared to mass-produced, laser cut or cast rafter squares. 

The RSA180 Fixed is built to an extremely high standard, designed for tradespeople who are looking for exceptional durability, design and quality from their tools. 

  • Constructed from high-quality 4mm aluminium
  • High-precision CNC machine profiled
  • CNC-machined aluminium fence
  • 4-way visibility 30mm spirit level in the fence
  • Anodised protective finish
  • Anti-wear recessed rulers
  • Lifetime guarantee

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