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Exchangeable tips ESD for 92 81 01

by Knipex
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  • For particularly demanding precision work: tough and highly resistant to corrosion
  • Maximum surface protection when handling sensitive electronic components, micro-mechanical parts, as well as glass and ceramic components
  • For the electronics and precision engineering industries, watchmakers and jewellers
  • Handcrafted body: polished edges and an excellent matt, scratch-free and non-reflective surface
  • High-quality premium stainless steel body: high temperature resistance and excellent corrosion resistance to most chemicals, salts and acids
  • The interchangeable tips are made from 30% carbon fibre reinforced plastic: very good electrical and thermal conductivity, scratch-proof and with high abrasion resistance
  • The interchangeable, carbon fibre reinforced plastic tips have a surface resistance between 10^2 and 10^4 ohms to compensate in a controlled manner the differences in potential between the operator and electronic components
  • The interchangeable tips are permanently temperature stable up to 130 °C, and up to 190 °C for short periods
  • The carbon fibre reinforced plastic tips are extremely flexible, fatigue-resistant, vibration-dampening and water-repellent
  • The tips have good chemical resistance to most oils, lubricants, fuels and nonpolar solvents
  • The same accuracy and stability as regular tweezers: the plastic tips have a 3-point connection with zero backlash (2 fixed points on the arms, one screw), which guarantee the user perfect attachment to the body with zero backlash
  • Potential savings: the tip assortment includes a selection of the most diverse shapes. Depending on the application, only the tips need to be purchased later
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