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Wera Kraftform Kompakt VDE Stainless 17 extra slim 1, 17 pieces

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The Wera Kraftform Kompakt VDE Stainless 8 Extra Slim 1 Set includes 15 VDE stainless blades, most of which with reduced blade diameter, so that even low-lying screw and spring elements can be easily reached and operated. + 2x 3817 VDE Kraftform bitholding screwdrivers for ergonomic screwdriving. Individually tested tools as per IEC 60900.
Individually tested at 10,000 V for safe working at the approved voltage of 1,000 V. Wera's stainless steel tools are vacuum ice tempered and therefore have the hardness and strength properties required for screw connections. Industrial use is possible without restrictions. The pouch is suitable for attachment to walls, shelves, workshop trolleys and the Wera 2go system thanks to the hook and loop fastener system on the back.

  • Individually tested VDE Stainless blades, some of which with reduced blade diameter
  • Two multi-component VDE-insulated Kraftform Stainless bitholding screwdrivers with anti-roll protection
  • Individually tested tool as per IEC 60900 at 10,000V
  • Blades made of stainless steel to prevent extraneous rust
  • Vacuum ice-hardening provides the required hardness and strength
  • Ergonomic Kraftform handles for fatigue-free work
  • In robust folding bag with Wera 2go compatibility


  • 1x 3817 VDE Kraftform Stainless Blade-Holding Handle
  • 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 3062 iS; 1x PH 1x154 mm, 1x PH 2x154 mm
  • 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 3065 iS PZ; 1x PZ 1x154 mm, 1x PZ 2x154 mm
  • 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 3065 iS PZ/S; 1x # 1x154 mm, 1x # 2x154 mm
  • 1x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 3067 i TORX® TX 10x154 mm
  • 3x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 3067 iS TORX®; 1x TX 15x154 mm, 1x TX 20x154 mm, 1x TX 25x154 mm
  • 2x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 3060 i; 1x 0.4x2.5x154 mm, 1x 1.2x6.5x154 mm
  • 3x Kraftform Kompakt VDE 3060 iS; 1x 0.6x3.5x154 mm, 1x 0.8x4x154 mm, 1x 1x5.5x154 mm
  • 1x Hook and Loop Fastener Strip 70 50x70 mm
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