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Wera 05057460001 Kraftform Kompakt 100 52 Piece Screwdriving Service Kit

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Wera 05057460001 Kraftform Kompakt 100 52 Piece Screwdriving Service Kit

The Wera Kraftform Kompakt 100 Screwdriving Service Kit is designed around the needs of engineeers with wide needs for screwdriving options. This kit contains 25mm and 50mm long bits with the options to drive these bits by hand in a bit-holding screwdriver handle or in power tools with the Rapidaptor universal holder.

  • Kraftform handle with Rapidaptor quick-release chuck
  • Ergonomic Kraftform handle for low-fatigue working
  • Tough vicious bits for universal use
  • 89mm Length bits
  • Stored in a compact pouch


  • 1 x 813 R 1/4in x 90 Bit-hold screwdriver
  • 1 x 1/4in x 50mm Rapidaptor Universal bit holder
  • 8 x BTZ/25mm Phillips bits: PH1 (x2), PH2 (x4), PH3 (x2)
  • 3 x IMP DC/50mm Phillips bits: PH2 (x2), PH3
  • 8 x BTH/25mm Pozidriv bits: PZ1 (x2), PZ2 (x4), PZ3 (x2)
  • 3 x IMP DC/50mm Pozidriv bits: PZ2 (x2), PZ3
  • 12 x BTZ/25mm TORX® bits: TX10 (x2), TX15 (x2), TX20 (x3), TX25 (x2), TX30 (x2), TX40
  • 3 x IMP DC/50mm TORX® bits: TX25, TX30, TX40
  • 2 x BTZ/25mm Slotted bits: 0.8x5.5mm, 1.0x5.5mm
  • 3 x IMP DC/50mm Hex-Plus bits: 4.0mm, 5.0mm, 6.0mm
  • 8 x 950 PKS Hex-Plus keys: 1.5x50mm, 2.0x56mm, 2.5x63mm, 3.0x71mm, 4.0x80mm, 5.0x90mm, 6.0x100mm, 8.0x112mm

Premium level Impaktor and BiTorsion bits cover the most common screw profiles; Pozidrive, Phillips, Torx, Hex-Plus and Slotted. By selecting the correct bit for the job, bit service life is significantly lengthened.

This kit contains 4 types for impact machines, wood applications, metal hard jointing and where anti cam-out (slip prevention) is required. The kit also contains a Hex-Plus key set. Bits are coloured to assist correct selection for applications, Black Impaktor (IMP DC) bits for impact machines, Gold (BDC) for anti cam-out needs, Yellow Gold (BTH) for wood and Silver (BTZ) for threaded fasteners and general purpose needs.

Torsion zones in the bits dramatically extend service. Hex-Plus keys feature a unique design that spreads loading allowing up to 20% more torque to be delivered and prevent rounding out of the screw heads.

Presented in a compact pocket sized design to safely store bits and bit holders in a handy structured fabric case, the tools are easily accessed.

SKU 05057460001