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Spare blades block for 12 52 195

by Knipex
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Lock blades for 12 52 195

Why Is the KNIPEX 12 49 31 Lock Blades for 12 42 195 Automatic Insulation Stripper Ideal for You?

Knipex lock blades are the most versatile accessories for insulation strippers used to strip off the insulation from electric wires and data cables quickly and safely. These lock blades are designed for fully automatic insulation strippers, which allows you to simply insert the cables or wires and then slide up to the predefined length stop and press the handle of your pliers. The KNIPEX 12 49 31 Lock Blades are designed with efficient auto adjustment functions and smooth-running mechanics, making it possible for you to adjust fine-stranded conductors automatically and strip off the insulation effortlessly and efficiently.

The clamping jaws of this tailor-made KNIPEX 124931 Lock Blades are made of oil-hardened steel, allowing you to hold any cable or wire in such a way that stops accidental slipping without even causing any damage to the remaining insulation. The Knipex Lock Blades 12 49 31 are designed with universal blade geometry, making them more durable, robust, and easy to replace. Whether you are looking for PVC insulations, a multitude of standard and special types of insulations, or other industrial installations, when you choose Knipex insulation strippers with lock blades, you can rest assured that you can withstand any demanding projects with maximum productivity, increased efficiency, and ultimate workpiece safety.

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