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OX 100ml One Shot Oil - OX-P189301

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OX 100ml One Shot Oil - OX-P189301

The pro 100ml is a semi-synthetic two-stroke oil. It can be used by any professional tradesman and home DIY users. The Ox tool is a tough, dynamic and dependable tool. It meets all the requirements for all modern static two-stroke engines. The requirement is that the oil has to be used with gasoline to be distributed around the engine for lubrication. Two-stroke engines are typically smaller applications like lawn tools, chainsaws, boat motors and dirt bikes. Supplied as a single unit.

Features and Benefits:

  • Semi-synthetic oil - is a mixture of fully synthetic and conventional mineral oil - it's overall cheaper to use that fully synthetic oil.
  • Depenable product - reliable product for your tool.
  • Compatible with modern Static engine - engines may be fixed or moveable and engines need to be able to cope with difficult environmental conditions and flexible fuel quality.
SKU OX-P189301