Knipex Forged Wire Stripper - 13 72 8

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Knipex Forged Wire Stripper 8 inch - 13 72 

KNIPEX Tools new patent pending Forged Wire Stripper is a true game changer. It strips solid and stranded wire 10-20 AWG. Wire locating ridges make it easy to find stripping holes. It cuts 6-32 and 8-32 screws without threading from either the front or back of the tool. Cutting blades are designed to cut individual wires, NM-B, BX/MC, and battery cable. Lock can be used either right or left handed. Knurled tip and wide flat jaws for better grip. Also includes wire looping groove and gripping area for pipes.

  • Screw cutting cuts 6-32 and 8-32 without threading and cut be cut from either the front or the back!
  • Locating ridges - easy to locate stripping holes by using one of the locating ridges
  • Strips both solid and stranded wire from 10 to 20 AWG
  • Shear cutting blades offer 50% higher cutting capacity than competition and 25% cutting power reduction
  • Cuts cable, wires, NM-B, BX and MC



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