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Super Rod SRSDQ28 28mm Quick Drill C/W Sleeve

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Super Rod SRSDQ28 Pack of 4 28mm Quick Drill C/W Sleeves

  • UK Gas regulation compliant - Specifically designed for gas engineers, meets all current legislation
  • Secure Installation - sleeve compacts and locks on entry to create a clear passage for service installs
  • Reduced installation time – integrated system allows single operation drill and sleeve insertion, enabling pipework and multiple cables to be installed within seconds
  • Multi-purpose – high Performance 28 mm carbide drill bit specifically designed for use with Thru-in-1 but also operates as standard drill bit
  • Compatible with standard cordless drills – increasing the number of holes per battery charge.
  • Clean & accurate – drill truer, rounder holes in multiple material types.
  • Optimum tip support – copper brazed
  • Secure & stable sleeve installation – unique top hat guide secures the sleeve during drilling