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Super Rod CRCA1 Cavity Master Kit

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Super Rod CRCA1 Cavity Master Kit

Access Hole Drill Kit for:

  • Floors and Walls
  • Plumbing
  • Electrical wiring
  • Electrical joint boxes
  • Stop tap access
  • Hot air ducts
  • Ventilation outlets
  • Computer networking
  • Rodent traps
  • Small safes
  • Shower trap access
  • Floor sockets
  • Desktop cable outlets

The Super Rod CRCA1 is a Cavity Master Kit, which has been designed to simplify the process of opening and sealing floors and wall spaces.  The Cavity Master has been borne out of years of lifting and then having to repair or replace particle or chipboard flooring to gain access to services, then having the time consuming job of repairing the floor, usually without success. By using the Cavity Master tool, floors and wall spaces are quickly opened and sealed with the closure plate provided.

  • Saw blade is easily replaced
  • Tungsten carbide rebate cutters
  • 2mm Rebate depth
  • 102mm Hole diameter
  • Will cut 18mm and 22mm depth floor boards
  • Ideal for gaining access to various amenities
  • Access stop taps, flooring, chipboard/plastered walls, plumbing and ventilation
  • Access holes can be covered with plates, including walls that require re-plastering
  • The opening and closing of the floor or wall can be accomplished in 2 minutes


  • 1x Cavity Master Rebate Plate
  • 1x Cavity Master Variable Pitch Cutter
  • 5x Cavity Master Closure Plates
  • 1x Pilot Drill
  • 1x Quick Hitch Arbour