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Unilite Multi Directional Magnetic 360° Extendable Tripod for Site Lights

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UniLite TRIPOD-360 Multi Directional Magnetic 360° Extendable Tripod for Site Lights 

The Unilite 360 magnetic extendable tripod features a magnetic stand so that instead of attaching lights via a tripod socket in the traditional way, you can mount the site lights magnetically.

• Strong Aluminium
• 4 Light Compatible
• 710mm to 1715mm
• 3 Stability Feet
• Attach Magnetic Site Lights

Height: 1930mm
Weight: 4800g
Width: 1460mm

The SLR-3000 site light and SLR-500/SLR-1000 mini site lights all have strong magnets built into them, so these can attach to the tripod straight out. The SLR-2750 site light and the hexagon site lights SLR-1300, SLR-2500 & SLR-4750 do not come with a magnet already built-in, but they are compatible with a separate magnet that can be attached, so using this then allows them to be magnetically attached to the tripod.

The mounting place is quite large and can accommodate one of the Unilite SLR-3000 site lights or multiple numbers of the smaller site lights depending on which size is used, and they can also be attached underneath the magnet plate as well as on top of it.

The central pole can be adjusted to get the perfect height for the task at hand and it can be extended up to a height of 1.93 metres.

Packaging and Contents

  • Supplied in a box and includes:
  • Unilite 360 magnetic site light tripod x 1