Milwaukee Drywall Jab Saw & Snips Kit - 4932479784
Milwaukee Drywall Jab Saw & Snips Kit - 4932479784
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Milwaukee Drywall Jab Saw & Snips Kit - 4932479784

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Milwaukee Drywall Jab Saw & Snips Set - 4932479784

Rasping Jab Saw Features:

150 mm plaster / drywall blade: Extra strong thicker blade making it more resistant for plunge cuts.

Coated for corrosion protection.

Built in rasping holes: Allows user to rapidly expand holes or smooth rough edges.

Metal Aviation Snips Features: 

Thumb and forefinger slots for increased comfort and less fatigue. Allows user to push through sheet metal with ease with less risk of cutting oneself.

Serrated cutting edges prevent slippage when cutting.

Less hand fatigue when cutting thicker materials. Design with compound leverage action.

Torsion spring opens jaws automatically during cutting for faster cutting action and less fatigue work.

Chrome plated rust protected forged blades for increased lifetime. 

Made from forged alloy steel for best durability.

One hand locking mechanism.

Flush slimline design for non-snagging in material.

Triple cutting direction identification – on the head, handle and by colour coded handle.

Ergonomic and durable over moulded grips add comfort and last longer.

Aviation snips, for short, straight, and shaped cuts. Ideal for narrow radius cuts and notch cuts.


X1 Rasping Jab Saw

X1 Metal Aviation Snips