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Di-Log 18th Edition Advanced Multifunction Tester c/w RCD LOC XLT - DL9118

par Di-Log
Prix d'origine $820.00 - Prix d'origine $820.00
Prix d'origine
$820.00 - $820.00
Prix actuel $820.00
DL9118 18th Edition Multi Function Tester - DL9118

The ALL NEW DL9118 multifunction tester has been designed
to fully comply with the testing requirements of the 18th Edition.

It also incorporates many of the features that we have come to expect
with modern MFTs. It is designed to be worn around the neck with
a comfortable harness, for easy function selecting and testing.

The All NEW RCD-LOC XLT feature allows loop testing without tripping any
type of RCD or RCBO with very high accuracy. The DL9118 is also packed full
of features, such as a Remote Test Probe, Auto Start Loop & Continuity, colour
changing LCD display indicating error, and comes complete with a toolbox style carry case.

All in all, the DL9118 offers incredible value for a feature packed MFT
meeting all the safety and performance requirements of BS EN 61557.
  • Remote Probe Included
  • UK’s largest colour LCD display
  • RCD testing – Trip time, trip current, auto test and ramp current
  • RCD auto test – test RCDs in auto mode and simply recall the test results once finished
  • Insulation measurement – with 250, 500 & 1000V test voltages
  • Integrated socket polarity test
  • Fully protected against damage when accidentally connected across phases
  • Loop Impedance – Unique auto start RCD-LOC XLT loop test principle will not trip any RCD
  • Prospective short circuit current – with auto start and direct readout of PSCC
  • High Current Loop Test – auto start loop test with high current Ze measurement
  • Phase Rotation Test – will indicate the correct phase sequence
  • Continuity test – with auto start & null facility to zero out lead resistance
UGC DL9118

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