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Optimaxx Box of 200 4.0 x 40 mm Full Thread Woodscrews

par Optimaxx
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Optimaxx C288-420 Box of 200 4.0 x 40 mm Full Thread Woodscrews

  • Unique 24 slots cut into the underside of the head - self countersinks into all material without the need to counter bore and without surface damage.
  • Double reinforced collar - significantly strengthens the underside of the head, preventing snapping and allowing a deeper pozi recess.
  • Sharp, wide, deep thread formation coated with a unique lubricant.
  • Sharp saw tooth formation cut out of the bottom threads - on insertion the threads bite into the timber reducing torque and resistance, enabling fast penetration without a pilot hole.
  • Specifically positioned long thin groove - dramatically reduces pressure build up on insertion by dispensing wood fibres, preventing splitting when screwing close to the edge.
  • Razor sharp point as low as 20 degrees, with a thread that extends to the tip of the screw - giving you an immediate start even with the hardest, smoothest surfaces.

Pack Quantity 200pcs
Brand Optimaxx
Head Type Pozi

UGC OPT-C288-420