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Optimaxx Compact Storage Case with 1000 Assorted Woodscrews

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Optimaxx C288-555 1000 Assorted Woodscrews & Compact Storage Case with 7 Lift Out Compartments

Introducing the OPTIMAXX range of premium wood screws. OPTIMAXX is a top quality high performance wood screw that incorporates a number of unique features...

  • Unique 24 slots self countersinks into all materials without any surface damage whatsoever
  • Sharp, wide, deep thread formation coated with a unique lubricant
  • Sharp saw-tooth formation cut out of the bottom threads enable fast penetration without a pilot hole
  • Razor sharp point with thread beginning on tip, gives an immediate start even in the hardest, smoothest surfaces
  • Double reinforced collar strengthens underside of the head and allows for a wide deep pozi to be punched


    • 220x 3.5 x16mm
    • 220x 3.5 x20mm
    • 160x 4.0 x25mm
    • 120x 4.0 x30mm
    • 150x 4.0 x40mm
    • 80x 5.0 x50mm
    • 50x 5.0 x70mm
    • Screw head type : Pozidrive 2 (PZ2)
    • Material - C1022 according to EN10263
    • Conformity - EN 14592:2008+A1:2012


    SKU OPT-C288-555